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Yoga for me. Yoga For you.

Mudita Yoga Inc is a non-profit Cooperative Wellness Community which seeks to eliminate barriers to accessing quality wellness and mental health care. 

It was founded by Corynne (CJ) Stewart after experiencing many roadblocks to living her best life. After one particularly traumatic experience in a mental health facility, she learned how people without money or resources are treated in mental health facilities. They were shamed, ignored and then discarded as soon as there was another placement, any placement, safe or otherwise. Most went back to the street. 

She vowed then that no one should be excluded from care that is evidence-based and effective just because they don't have the current resources. These were amazing people with amazing things they could contribute to commUNITY, if only they were given a chance. With a fire lit under her she reached out to many powerful people, but there were no responses. So then she figured she'd just have to do it herself.

Thus Mudita Yoga Inc was born. It is now a small but growing virtual community of people dedicated to community health and wellness where all are welcome. We believe the benefits to our community as a whole in helping people thrive vastly outweighs any current deficits in capital. Our dream is to build a physical intentional cooperative wellness community dedicated to yoga and wellness.

We are proudly Black, queer, woman, neurodivergent, and disabled owned. The Board of Directors is proudly operated by a diverse group of women from diverse backgrounds.